MSA 220 T Battery Chainsaw Tool Only


The STIHL MSA 220 T cordless chainsaw with powerful EC engine offers outstanding performance in tree care. Teamed with the potent STIHL AP 300 S battery, it delivers very high cutting performance. When used with this battery, the STIHL MSA 220 T is currently the most powerful cordless top-handle saws in the STIHL range. Operation is highly intuitive thanks to the electronic operating system with status LED, as well as the mechanical chain brake, which also has a status LED. The LEDs are clustered in a cockpit with a 180° display so that you can quickly see the status of your arborist saw at any time.

The following features help you to get the most out of your MSA 220 T cordless chainsaw:

  • The sturdy metal claw stop secures the saw on the wood, making it very easy to make precise cuts. The claw stop can also be replaced quickly.
  • The cooling air is cleaned by a fleece filter to provide long-term protection to the electronics and engine parts. The cooling air filter can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.
  • In the event of very heavy use or a depleted battery, the power electronics automatically reduce the current and therefore the torque via de-rating. This usually means you can finish a cut where other saws would switch off.
  • All cordless power tools within the STIHL AP-System have been designed for professional users and daily work, including in adverse weather conditions. The power tools are splashproof on all sides, the effectiveness of which is verified by internal checks. For the STIHL MSA 220 T, the internally verified splashproofing has also been certified as meeting an IPX4 protection rating.

    Added comfort during professional tree maintenance: the STIHL MSA 220 TC-O

    The STIHL MSA 220 TC-O cordless arborist saw delivers high cutting performance and plenty of convenience in professional tree care, gardening and landscaping, as well as for local authorities, for treetop care and removal of stem shoots. The oil sensor continuously measures the amount of chain oil present in the power tool, helping you to work efficiently. The LED display keeps you updated on the oil level, and tells you if it is running low. The built-in felling guide on the fan and power take-off side helps you to make precise cuts as easily as possible.

    Note: STIHL recommends STIHL SynthPlus, STIHL BioPlus  and STIHL ForestPlus chain oils. The chainsaw can also be operated with other light vegetable- or mineral-oil-based saw chain oils.

    Versions Price
    MSA 220 T Battery Chainsaw $1,295.00*

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