RLA 240 Battery Lawnm Scarifier & Dethatcher with AK 30 Battery & AL 101 Charger


If you do not yet have a STIHL AK System battery, you can buy the STIHL RLA 240 cordless lawn aerator as a set with a STIHL AK 30 battery and a STIHL AL 101 standard charger. This will give you everything you need to start lawn care emission-free, even in noise-sensitive areas. You can use it to remove felt and moss from smaller lawns, even in confined spaces or awkward corners of your domestic garden. With a working width of 34 cm, it is very manoeuvrable and you can easily and effectively scarify even the difficult corners of your lawnThe STIHL RLA 240 has 2 working tools: The scarifier unit allows you to score the turf for better aeration, while the spring tine roller combs dead grass and moss out of the lawn. You can attach the required working tool in just a few simple steps. With its lightweight polymer housing and sturdy smooth-running wheels, the STIHL RLA 240 cordless scarifier with AK 30 battery and AL 101 standard charger moves easily on the ground. You have the option of adjusting the working depth on an infinitely variable basis to suit the surface you are working on, using a rotary switch on the housing. The grass collection box of the STIHL RLA 240 cordless lawn aerator can collect up to 50 litres of plant trimmings. If you observe heavy thatching or clearly visible moss and weeds, you should also sand your lawn regularly. This loosens the soil structure and prevents waterlogging.After use, you can transport the lawn aerator conveniently using the integrated carry handle and store it especially compactly thanks to the folding bar. Before lifting or storing the device, make sure that the engine is switched off and the safety key has been removed.In our overview of STIHL battery life and charging times, you can see how much lawn area you can cover with one charge of your RLA 240 cordless lawn aerator and how long the selected battery takes to charge.

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RLA 240 Kit $865.00*

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